Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The second day of knitting

Today's quick-knit pattern recommendation: Churchmouse Yarns' Welted Fingerless Gloves.  I've just finished my second pair and they are so easy, to such great effect.  Also: adaptable.  I did the first pair with all the recommended welts at the wrist and decided it works best that way for somebody with a very slim wristwatch. 

I knit the second pair with just one welt, and I didn't use the pattern's suggested smaller needle for even that one; then I added one more repeat to the thumb gusset and got the length I wanted without the snugness such that even my big clunky watch fits underneath.

Well, it would if I had it on.  I'm asking Santa for a new watch this year because the clunky isn't doing it for me any more, even if it did have the appeal of coming to me free with the purchase of running shoes.

You're in safe hands with any Churchmouse pattern but these gloves are certainly quick - maybe two evenings' work - and I'm going to get two single-welt pairs out of one 100g ball of Berroco Ultra Alpaca (you need three balls of Manos de Uruguay Silk Blend for two pairs, if you want exactly what the pattern shows.) 

The thumb bindoff can be a bit tricky to get consistent between the two gloves, not least because you really need to knit the last row before said bindoff a little loosely, but the thumb itself if so comfortable, it's worth the care.

My purple pair is for Hannah, and I'm giving them to her tonight along with another little item that still needs some finishing... so off I go.  See you tomorrow with the third day of Christmas panic knitting!


Unknown said...

Love the ones with the welts. And what do you know, I have Silk Blend in my stash!! Off to see how many skeins I have.

Kathleen Taylor said...

You go Girl!