Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Remiss and loving it

Ahhh, the delights of the days following Christmas:

doing the laundry for virtue purposes, but not bothering to fold or put it away

ignoring any developing dust mammals

not turning on the dishwasher because I forgot it was there

washing dishes by hand only when the counter is too cluttered from stuff that couldn't fit into the dishwasher to assemble a new snack

making new snacks only when Christmas chocolates reach a saturation point in the ol' bloodstream

tea and/or milk on tap to accompany aforementioned chocolate

Oddly enough I didn't get anything knitting-related for Christmas except for a book from my cousin and some yarn I bought myself and gave to somebody else to wrap and label.  I'd take that as A Hint except that surely my family would not be so crazy as to suggest I have enough yarn or needles or patterns or fiber or spinning accessories already.  Sorry not to have a picture of the really lovely yarn: I was spinning new yarn during a brief period of sun yesterday.  More remissness!

I have come away from the big day exhausted and happy - not only did I score a new pair of flannel PJs covered in a cupcake motif, some great books, and a ton of chocolate (the key ingredients to my perfect Boxing Day), the meal I cooked came out beautifully with practically no effort at all, and as far as I know people liked the various things I made them, even if I wasn't quite finished my aunt's slippers.  They're done now though.

Here are some photographs of the last few things, taken in the ten minutes between finishing and wrapping:

the coffee cuff, which used up a hopefully tiny amount of the contrast colour from my Professor Slughorn sock kit...

the eighteenth pair of handwarmers (I'm exaggerating, sort of) to the cuff of which I added a tiny stripe of contrasting silk so I wouldn't go out of my mind over the sameness...

and the cowl that I had to entrirely reknit in the only stash yarn I had that was even close to the necessary weight.  I don't love how it pooled, but I do love that it matched the purple alpaca blend I'd used everywhere else since it turns out the favourite colour of the girl who got this cowl is - yes, purple.

Purple was the big colour this season, did you notice it too?

While I was doing all that I was mostly thinking about last Christmas, when for some reason I had time to watch a lot of British programming and spin yarn.  It was, in two words, REALLY NICE to be able to do that.  I wanted to do it again.  So now that the crazy has more or less receded, my wheel is parked near the TV and there are a lot of hand-dyed fluffs of wool on the floor around it.

Also me, steadfastly ignoring all the things I could be doing instead.

Hope you're doing all the things you want to be doing today too!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Woohoo! Merry Merry to you and yours!

Unknown said...

I am getting a lot of plum shade yarns. Only one shirt in my closet to match means I need to go shopping!

Darlene said...

New Year's resolution...start knitting those small gifts now and stash them away for emergencies. That's what I TRY to do. Just sayin!