Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The ninth day of knitting

I stumbled across the sweetest blog the other day: Little Cotton Rabbits (that's the blog link, the etsy shop is here.)  Inspiring R It.

But also, life-saving - potentially - because there are some seriously cute Christmassy patterns there which, though fiddly, are also small and well-instructed.

Check out the little bear ornaments for a giftee's tree.

And don't miss the mini stockings!

As for me - I got two of the four urgent knits finishing during a day long marathon of Irene Dunne movies on TCM.  I think I must only really have known her for My Favorite Wife, the comedy with Cary Grant.  Turns out she starred in a crazy number of melodramas in the early 30s in spite of being obviously very funny.  So I'm feeling a bit melodramatic today but hoping to bear up under the strain and push through to success with the last few presents.

See you tomorrow...


Tammy said...

Oh MY goodness! Those links are just tooo cute and look so fun to make! Thanks for sharing.

Have a GREAT day knitting! Fingers crossed so you can get your projects done :) I know you can do it :)

Kathleen Taylor said...

But... but... she knits Fair Isle flat... back and forth... with purling.... That said, they're adorable little sockies, and the construction (with the split heel) is really interesting.