Friday, December 23, 2011

The eleventh day of knitting

Don't worry, I've got something for tomorrow's post that is so straightforward and simple even the most raveled (unraveled?) nerves can take it.  Today I'm thinking tiny and fast, but assuming we all still have the fine motor skills to pull off a little ornament to put on the top of somebody's non-knit present.  Which could at this point be a single bar of good chocolate.  I mean, chocolate + cute ornament = bliss, right?

I'm more than a bit lucky because along with my December mailing from the Twisted Fiber Art club (gorgeous Bluefaced Leicester roving I can't show you till everybody else gets theirs) I got two patterns for tiny adorable ornaments.  However, there are other patterns out there for similar ones, and I've sourced 'em.

Today's Tips

The first ornament pattern I found and loved is for these felted bells from the Purl bee (which site is a gift in itself by the way) but it involves a lot of extra steps like producing felted balls and so forth which you might not be able to face this late in the season.

Perhaps you will be more inclined to a mini sweater on its own hanger - Cheers! by Cheryl Niamath of Fetching Knits.  A couple of hours sound good?

My heart melts for the tiny snowmen at Anna Hrachovec's Mochimochi Land...

But you could also make some acorns and really confuse your tree (pattern by Carmen Rigby.)

Meanwhile, back at the knitting ranch

I am just about to tie string around a parcel of the last knit gift for the season, if you don't count the slippers I'm now making for my aunt, and I'm trying not to so I'm free to say 


It was pretty hairy the last few days and I've had to give up making cookies for the neighbourhood to pull it all off... something that might actually be causing me pain.  It could be exhaustion doing that, but I think it's the loss of this particular tradition.  I'm thinking I'll just be attentive and if it's still sad by December 27, I'll do a big cookie bake for New Year's.

As I always do, I am asking myself what I have learned.  There are various things, and various responses to the things:

Stop caring so much.  Sorry, I just do.

Maybe find faster patterns?  I thought I did!

Then START EARLIER!  I'll try, I promise.

I'm also going to try - really hard - not to care about Valentine's day, but when I made that resolution I immediately thought of a fast way to do a felted heart pin (machine-stitch the felted wool heart onto a rectangle of contrasting wool that felted firmly enough not to need any blanket stitching.)  So I'm probably going to have another round of the crazy pretty soon. 

For now though, can I just say whoa: is the scent of a balsam fir tree ever awesome to breathe in while knitting.  I am totally putting up the tree before the crafting is done every year from now on.

Have a good day folks - see you tomorrow for two last-minute suggestions!

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