Monday, January 30, 2012

Crazy for the colour

I've been trying to clear out my unfinished projects since the new year started (please, don't look at the giant sweater parts behind this curtain) and was pleased to finish at last another Crazy Cowl:

Doesn't it look lovely and mostly consistent, close to being all one width in spite of being knit with handspun and therefore wildly erratic in yarn size from one yard to the next?

Well, except for that bit at the end. 

It's half as wide again, and also denser.  But I'm pretty sure the cowl will still work well as a fashionable and functional accessory - certainly it's warm enough in spite of those great huge holes all over it.  Funny, isn't it, that giant holes are able to hold in heat?  Though not, probably, in a windstorm.

I think I patted myself on the back for 12 seconds after finishing this one, before casting on the next:

This is, like its comrade up there, some roving from Twisted Fiber Art, the club colourway 'Opulent' from November which I had requested to be dyed in evolving colours rather than stripes.  First time I've done that and I'm quite pleased with how it's come out. 

(also, thrilled to see the cowl being about the same width all the way along so far.  could it be that my handspinning skills are finally good enough to produce predictable sizes and weights of yarn?)

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