Thursday, January 26, 2012

Motivational yarn

Sometimes I worry I don't share enough photographs of yarn here at Hugs.  (not.)

Well, after all - it's what motivates us, isn't it?  That or the finished product or really great needles or a person you want something special for.  But for me, mostly the yarn, since there's so much time spent touching it.

So just in case you needed to see some handspun in cakes today:

Man, the first and last of these really are painfully similar colours aren't they.

You've seen all these Christmas spins before in freshly-wound and I think skeined form too, but this is the final product - the stuff I can knit with just as soon as I clear out the last of my other obligations.  It was such a relief on the weekend when I was finally able to get them off their hangers and into these cakes.

I'm giving this one pride of place:

This is Twisted Fiber Art club roving I ordered in an evolution of colour rather than self-striping.  It was unlikely I'd be able to ply it such that it would in fact evolve from one shade to the next, but lookit!  It worked!

What I'm going to do with it all: who knows?  Except for the last one.  The last one is getting knit up into a Crazy Cowl and will be the showpiece for the free pattern which I hope to release in the next couple of weeks after totally blowing it about having it out in time for Christmas knitting.

I mean, you guys need a Valentine's present, right?


Kathleen Taylor said...

Your handspun is gorgeous!

Mary Keenan said...

Ohhh, that sounds so extra nice coming from you - yours is always super gorgeous!!