Monday, January 23, 2012

I can't believe I knit the whole thing

I thought it was kinda crazy to think I could knit a pair of socks in a week, especially after not working on them for three days of said week, but look:

There was that one time I knit a whole sock in a day, but I used heavier weight yarn for it, and I had more time.  I wasn't even sure I had cast on the right number of stitches for these ones.

I guess I did because they fit great.  And they're long enough, for a change... I keep panicking that I won't have enough yarn and make them too short, but this time I figured I'd just do a contrasting toe if I had to, and ended up with about 7 grams of yarn left over for the toe of a less fortunate pair in the future.

Speaking of the yarn: it's a Romney/Mohair blend from Stoddart Family Farms, which may or may not still be available online.  However, the farm usually has a booth at yarn events in Southern Ontario such as the Knitter's Frolic, so if you see them I can highly - and I mean highly - recommend all their woolly products (I've even tried the roving, which is heaven to spin.)  I have not found warmer sock yarn, and the socks wear beautifully, as well as looking gorgeous, even inside out.

I have two more skeins of this yarn to knit up and I'm making them a priority because it's just so cold out now.  There is really so much to be said for knitting out of season, so stuff is ready when you need it!  There is also a lot to say for buying up a lot more of your favourite winter yarns, which I thought I did at the last Knitter's Frolic and obviously didn't.  Not so much as to have bonus yarn for mittens, anyway - and can you imagine how awesome those would look?

Have a lovely warm Monday, folks!


Unknown said...

Nicely done...I love knitting socks!

Kathleen Taylor said...

lovely lovely socks! So warm and comfy looking!

justmeandtwo said...

Gorgeous socks and great job, speedy! :)