Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Woebegone Wednesday

Okay, I'm not entirely a sad girl today but I do have a Missing Sock update and that is,

it's still missing.

Even though I have checked, in addition to less likely places, every inch of the bed - bedding, pillows, and frame - on which it was last seen, and gone through the entire closet into which it might have been inadvertently dumped. 

(Actually I took everything out of that closet and went through it all, Thing by Thing, and managed to offload a ton of it before vacuuming all the shelves and returning the much-pruned remains to their place.  So I can guarantee that sock did not make its way into the closet either.)

I really think it must be on a road trip by now, or calling quietly for its mate from the depths of.... could it be under the carpet I wonder?  Surely I'd notice.

Also, while we're talking about sad things: yesterday I wound all that new yarn into balls and my sore arm got more sore from cranking of the winder thingy.  So add ball-winding to spinning on the list of things I need to not do till I'm better. 

(Frankly I don't think this is possible.  I will have to aim for moderation.)

In good news: I do have four sets of the same yarn I used for the missing sock, and as I discovered late last night the 2.75mm square needles that just came available from my needle stash seem to produce a pretty good fabric with it.  So as soon as I finish off some hats I need to do this week - more on that tomorrow if the light is good enough for pictures today - I can get going on backup pairs.

I'm not giving up on that sock though.  It's gotta be around somewhere, right?


Kathleen Taylor said...

I'm assuming you don't wash your socks in the washing machine, so the missing sock isn't clinging to a towel somewhere, right?

If there are any young men nearby, perhaps they might volunteer to crank the winder while you heal. The young people in my life are endlessly fascinated with the winder and the whirling swift.

Gina said...

Your lost sock is hanging out with my Kacha-Kacha row counter somewhere in the universe of "misplaced" objects where they are probably conspiring to launch a takeover of chick-lit novels and/or other knitting distractions.

Christine said...

I absolutely HATE when this happens....all more proof to others, of losing mind...but I'm NOT.

So...when that happens to me, I will go into the last "seen" room and sit...and stay there, (and chant OM?) and close my eyes and try to imagine my path..or sit there and look around. It might not be an obvious to you spot, while standing above. And didn't I see you wash them in the washer and dry by air? I'm sure you felt all around the washer, and down that abyss by the edge..or down the sides or back of the machine.

It will appear when you are not looking for it anymore..

Darlene said...

What did you wash with it? Maybe clinging to some other washed thing. I am still wanting to blame the kitty. Things happen around here for which she is responsible.

Mary Keenan said...

No cat in the house these days, but considering the odd things that have gone missing over the years here I'm beginning to suspect a slightly mischievous ghost ;^)