Friday, January 13, 2012

The power of stripes

As I sit here wondering how my day is going to play out ...

(will the stripey his and hers hats fit Him and Her? will guilt overcome my aversion to cold and snowstorminess and send me out to buy urgently-needed laundry soap and milk? can I keep my hands off the next-size-up stripey hat I got the ribbing nearly done on yesterday... or will I spend my wildcard time gazing in fear and wonder at the new Bernina sewing machine that came through the door last night????)

(it's probably a No on the grocery run, by the way.  and I suspect better people than I would say the same.)

... I am very conscious of the power of the stripes.  I mean, if I can even debate knitting a hat pattern I've already done four times just so I can see how two colours look together in rows, versus trying out all the cool features of a real live contemporary sewing machine, stripes have to be pretty compelling.

So I think it's a good day to show you the stuff I made with the last of my self-striping/semisolid combo from Twisted Fiber Art.

Here are the socks with feet in them, and I must say they look a lot better that way then just flat and accordian'ed up on a table.

They feel pretty awesome too.

I think I mentioned that when I was finished these, plus the slippers I made from the semisolid, I had enough left over for a Calorimetry (ha! looked it up this time so I'd get the spelling right.)

I do love this effect.  I started with the striping yarn, weighing as I went because there seemed to be so little left, and stopped at the meeting point of Not Quite Halfway and In The Middle Of The Most Contrasting Stripe.

Then I went to the semisolid, counting out carefully so I'd know when to switch back.  Except that this pattern is so neatly designed, I ended up just knitting till I came back to where the stripey yarn was waiting for me - thank goodness I'd been too lazy to cut a tail when I switched colours. 

Sock Pattern Info: made up - standardish sock, improvised ribbing.

Yarn Info: Twisted Fiber Art Yummy - wool/cashmere/nylon in a light worsted weight, in club colours Nymph (stripey) and Olive (coordinating semisolid) that may or may not come available in the future (I'll mention it here if they do!)

Remainders Info: yes.  I still have some of this yarn left, enough to stripe a hat. H'mmmmm.

I hope you all have a delightful weekend, and I hope that I have more knitting to show you on Monday.  You might have to settle for sewing, heh.


Anonymous said...

really enjoying reading all your adventures--- have you looked in your underwear drawer for your missing sock? They can stick to the darndest things-- or maybe taking a nap inside a pant leg or up a sleeve? Andrea in TN

heklica said...

I'm a lover of stripes. Whenever I see stripes, I go soft inside :) But even if I weren't, I'd have to see these look fabulous, particularly the effect you achieved on Calorimetry!