Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holding pattern

Still no second sock, still looking, still keeping a stiff upper lip about it.

However, the massive housecleaning effort continues with some success.  Today I focused on the kitchen, after having a big run through it yesterday when I should have been making supper, and shedding the worst of the clutter.  As of today, I have a clear staging area for Stuff that comes into the house and also out of it, and an organizational centre in the front hall closet for things I might want to throw into my bag on any given outing (see: umbrellas, fresh hand sanitizer, water bottle, tissue packs, sunscreen, etc.)

Still to do:

Finish the storage room.  I started that on Saturday which makes it a five day job so far and though I've lost count of how many bags and boxes I've kicked out the door there seems to be a long way to go.  I gotta do it though.  That particular clutter is like weeds - if you don't get all the roots and the clean up the flowerbed, just staying vigilant isn't ever going to be enough.

What I nearly took a picture of to show off here:

The stack of empty boxes that touched the ceiling, having been emptied of Stored Stuff that had then been redistributed mostly out the aforementioned door.  Is that sad or what?  I stopped myself from going to get the camera when I remembered nobody else is going to care about something like that.  (notice how I made you sit through the description anyway?)

What I did take a picture of to show off here:

Not today as it happens, but yesterday, when it was unbeLIEVably cold out.  Like whOA, what am I doing outside with a camera cold.  Or perhaps, What price blog beauty cold.

You saw this yarn before, when I first spun it and it was still in tightly wound balls waiting to be skeined and Soaked and dried.  This is it after all that part, waiting for me to wind it back into a ball, or into a cake if I can clear enough Stuff off the only counter my ball winder will clip onto.

The significance of this picture:

Spinning is the only creative pursuit I've had since New Year's Eve, unless you count tossing out stuff as creative (and after a few hours when the crazy sets in, I do.)  Truly, I have not knit one stitch in 2012 so far.

On the upside, in addition to a much more organized house, I do have a whole little row of freshly-spun balls of yarn positioned across the top of a cupboard near the TV, out of reach of the Tidying Frenzy, just waiting to go through the whole skein-Soak-dry process.  If the weather is a little warmer tomorrow and the storage room work goes well, maybe I will take a picture of them.

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heklica said...

I'm starting to develop a sense of guilt for not doing the same in my house. Please finish soon or I'll end up clearing up my beloved mess too :)