Friday, January 6, 2012

Holiday: complete

I was sort of on holiday this week (you may have noticed because of the totally sloppy, picture-less blog postings since Christmas) but on Monday, the daily grind starts up again and I really hoped to be ready for it.  I'm not, and I'm not going to be, and I'm trying to accept that so I can just enjoy the next two days and not feel blech about it all. 

One thing that is good: I decided around 2pm it is okay that even after a full week on the job the storage room is not going to be empty any time soon, and then sat down to work some more on the Calorimetry which I think I spelled wrong yesterday and possibly again today but am too tired to revisit.  So, however it's spelled, it's done.

The amazing thing about that news is, I still have yarn left over after casting off.  Two complementary skeins - essentially 230g of DK weight if my calculations are right - and I have a pair of socks for me, a pair of slippers for my aunt whose feet are not tiny, a headband for somebody else, and I still have enough left to do a few contrast stripes in a hat. 

Isn't that crazy?  Makes you think about how far your stash could really go if you actually used every scrap of it, but resist.  Because then you might think things like maybe you shouldn't buy so much yarn till you've knit up what you have, and that way lies madness.  Or at least sadness.

I didn't knit the Cali-thing with much zest, possibly because I've knit so much with those colours already now, but I've now cast on with equal lack of zest another Turn A Square hat for a New Year's gift.  It's one of a his and hers set.  Yes, I'm going to have to knit another after this, for a total of 4 in less than as many weeks.

After that: total free-for-all.  And there might be some new yarn I didn't tell you about yet, too.  After all, I have been on holiday!


Kathleen Taylor said...

I've knit probably 10 pairs of socks and 30 hats just using bits and pieces of leftover yarns over the last couple of years. Of course, that tells you how much yarn I had to begin with...

Mary Keenan said...

You have SO been my inspiration on the using-up-stash front (even though I do keep buying new yarn...)