Thursday, January 5, 2012


I write this having come straight from the sofa where I cast on 120 stitches and knit about 10 of them.  Whoo hoo!  The end of five days without knitting.  I almost never go even one day without knitting, so five days is weird enough, but weirder is that I had to make myself reach for yarn.  What I really wanted to do was spin more fiber, and I knew if I started I'd be up till 2am because I don't seem to be able to stop now until I've spun a braid.  Yarn seemed the more sensible choice.

What I cast on:  a Caliometry.  I am a little behind the trend on this one, but I wanted a headwarmer for a friend who seldom takes her long hair out of its ponytail, and it seemed the most practical choice.

What yarn: the same Twisted Fiber Art Yummy I used for my last project of 2011 - the socks - and incidentally for my aunt's slippers.  Speaking of the socks, I did get one picture of them while they were still too wet to put onto feet for improved photogenic-ness.

What the socks look like:

Like that.  Now tell me truly, if you didn't know better, wouldn't you have thought I'd generously knit these for some deserving man?  I know better and I still thought so when I saw this shot.  I should probably have been more considerate and not just made them greedily for myself.

(I will post more glam shots of them as soon as I think of it during sunlight, now that they're dry.  Maybe then they will seem more girly and I will seem less selfish.)

Meanwhile, since I know you're dying to hear how the whole New Year's Tidy is coming along if only so I'll stop setting you to thoughts of expending similar energy (not something I recommend unless you too have to choose between this and moving to a bigger house), I have reached the stage of Displacement.

This is where you know what you're keeping, but you have to find another place to keep it, which means you have to go through the Stuff somewhere else and try to get rid of some of that.  Specifically, this means I can't do any more till the Christmas tree is gone, which makes me feel Very Guilty because the tree is lovely and has been so generous and supportive and encouraging all through Christmas and now here I am plotting its exit.

In spite of the guilt, I am very aware of my personal carrot, which has become somewhat grander even than the sewing machine that may not be ready for pickup till next week now (sob!).  Yes, I'm actually starting to think that a magazine-worthy home is within reach, complete with beautifully organized art and craft space.  It's probably a sign that the crazy has well and truly set into my head, but it's motivating me to keep moving, so why complain?

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