Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We interrupt our regular procrastinating

Yesterday I took a break from yarn-purchase-planning and pattern-polishing and sock knitting to finish a SuperSecret ScarfyThing I started back in November. Yay!  and of course I can't show you the pictures (clue: 'supersecret'.)  Instead I will show you something I finished earlier:

It's the manhat we discussed last week.  Pete declined to model it for pictures but did agree to try it on and further agreed he did not look like an idjit in it.  I then asked him if he wanted to keep it and he said, "I already have a hat."

????  Does not compute.

Anyway I'm pleased with how it came out and pleased too that I seem to have worked Turn A Square out of my system after five (FIVE??) editions.  I may do more stripey hats in another pattern later though because I found so many great colour combinations in my stash while making this lot.

I really, really love how two-row striping looks in a rustic yarn.  (I shouldn't say that out loud though.  I might have to cast on another and I think you've all been longsuffering enough.)

Meanwhile: I need to procrastinate on things other than the pattern-polishing project.  Helena and I have been cooking something up for at least a year, and it's so close to being ready to release you might even see it this week.  Which you might care about because huzzah, it's not a stripey hat!

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Kathleen Taylor said...

love stripey hats! Love hats, period!