Thursday, January 12, 2012

A rush project

One of the things (well, two of the things if you're inclined to be picky) I really wanted to do for Christmas and ran out of time for was: knitting little gifts for a couple who have been super kind to me this year.  They're always kind, but this year: exceptionally so.

Seeing as how 'She' asked about my Turn A Square hat, and 'He' is a guy who might actually wear a hat if the weather was cold enough, I thought a complementary pair of hats would be a good January present.  As I type this it's raining outside, but you never know, we might get snow this winter.

This is what I'm working with, and I'm kind of wishing I had done a grey/red combo for him instead of brown/grey because I only just noticed his coat is black.  I kinda think the bigger hurdle is whether the wool content of this yarn will be scratchy - though it's half alpaca and after it's been Soaked it's pretty amazing, everybody has their tolerance level - but I'm always preoccupied with the matchy factor. 

Her coat is dark brown, and I think either of these hats would work for her.  Also: I finished His last night and it felt a bit snug on me, pre-blocking.  I hoped to gift them tomorrow evening if they're dry in time, but maybe I should aim for Sunday, and hope there's enough red (cashmere blend!) left over for one last try with a more relaxed tension?  Assuming such a thing is possible, because my tension is crazy loose as it is.

Or maybe grey/red would be too girly.  Thoughts?  I will take silence as "Mary, you're crazy.  Hand over the hats and get going on backup stocks for the half-pair on your desk."

(speaking of which, I cast on for those last night and this morning tried on the still-present sock to make sure I'd cast on the right number of stitches. It is SO perfect and SO soft and JUST the right length everywhere.  But I am not crying because I still have faith the missing one will return through whatever black hole it departed.  I mean, things don't really go splody when they get sucked through those things, do they?)

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