Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy new year!

Hope you are all off to a wonderful start to 2012, and I hope I am too.  It's hard to tell from the depths of the basement where I'm clearing out approximately 10 years of stuff I've been hanging on to for no apparent reason.

(yes, you did read the same message from me last year.  This time I'm trying to be so incredibly heartless in my throwing out/donating/redistributing that I won't have to get rid of stuff again till 2014.)

My motivation:

A new Bernina sewing machine, which should be ready for me to pick up by the end of the week - hence the urgency for clearing out all the stuff that is blocking the space where the machine is most likely to live.  I might also describe this new development as Doom, because I'm pretty sure it's all the knitting that's kept me from noticing the house, and surely sewing is only going to make it worse.

(ps, I did finish the socks around 9pm New Year's Eve, so I have officially finished a knit for every week of 2011.  Should I aspire to that again next year or stand back in horror?)

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heklica said...

That's an amazing feat! The knit-a-week thing, I mean (Not that clearing out the stuff from the basement isn't but I refuse to dwell on that for reasons not too hard to guess). I stood back in horror a couple of years ago when I realized I'd knit 22 scarves in a year. The figures are scary when you look at them, but the truth is that I just didn't notice it while it was happening, it was so effortless. This only means that figures just don't go well with knitting :) Happy New Year to you too and many a happy knit in 2012!