Sunday, May 13, 2012

More Hugs

I am not a Facebook girl, but I have staked out a sunny corner in a few other places so if you're looking for more than one Hug I'm sure I would be very pleased if you cared to join me.

I am on Ravelry often, as procrastinaknitty.

Also at Ravelry, I moderate a very welcoming knitting group called Knitting and Tea and Cookies.

I have a Twitter account, @marykeenanknits.  I'm having difficulty finding a role for Twitter in my life, but it might happen someday in which case I might Tweet more frequently.

I'm not there every day or even every month but I do have some rather nice boards at Pinterest.

I also have a Google Plus account.  Hugs has its own page!  (which is more interesting than mine, just so you know.)

Just want to make sure you don't miss a Hug?  I've written this post so I could move all the aforementioned links up off the main screen, but if you scroll down a bit you'll find the buttons for following and subscribing just over on your right.


jane gk said...

Now that you have your Night socks dine you need to read the book. I read it in my book club last year.

Nancy Davis said...

Do you have the instructions for the beautiful scarf in your site? I love it!

Mary Keenan said...

Nancy - that scarf in my banner is Sugared Violets, by Rose Beck. Isn't it pretty?? You can only buy the pattern at Ravelry but if you do a search there it will come right up.