Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The pretty iPad cover I made

I was too busy procrastinating yesterday to take pictures of the lace sock progress, so today I'd like to show off the iPad cover I designed for a small friend's birthday present:

That's the back.  Isn't the bird fabric fantastic?  I treated myself to a yard of Echino's Peck Stripe pattern at Sew Mama Sew, sort of specifically for this project but mostly because I wanted to make some small things for myself later.

Here's the front:

After the excitement of the fabric purchases, I spent a few weeks panicking about design.  I couldn't face a zipper and anyway I wanted the cover to be just cloth with nothing sharp that could damage the iPad inside.  I also wanted to be respectful of the possibility that tying effective, as opposed to decorative, bows might be still a little out of reach of the girl I was making it for.  Hey, I was older than she is before I learned to tie my shoelaces, and look at me now!

Here's how my idea works:

The buttoned cover opens to expose a very basic padded pouch, sewn from plain linen I found at Alewives (love that shop!).  I sewed the cover onto the pouch at one end so it wouldn't get lost.

When it was done I thought, Meh, this is a bit boring even if I tape a toy or candy to the package.  So I folded up an index card to make a little pouch, trimmed it with coordinating Japanese masking tape, and slipped in an iTunes card.

(and then I put a toy and some watercolour pencilcrayons into the pouch, just to be on the safe side. la la la!)