Monday, July 22, 2013

How to dress up your spice rack

I love a good vintage spice rack, but spice bottles: meh.  That's why this little project was so perfect for me.

That, and the fact that it couldn't be easier.

You will need

Labels for your spice bottle tops

Plain spice bottles (mine came from a bulk food store)

Washi tape (this is an Etsy link)

Spices (or whatever else you want to store)

How to proceed

I bought these Martha Stewart labels from an office supply store, and they are great for this project because they go on the top of the lid, leaving the rest of the bottle free for Washi tape festings (and that's the Etsy link again in case you missed it... but don't click on either link if you have only minute levels of self control.  really.)

After you've washed the bottles and their various bits, you can write on the labels and stick them on the tops.

It doesn't matter whether you fill the bottles first or decorate them and then fill; let your patience level dictate that part.  Whichever you choose, you get to stick Washi tape onto the bottles (which is kind of the point of this whole craft project.)

Sometimes the bottles aren't perfectly round, which makes for puckered tape.  I found that ripping the tape to size and sticking it flat onto the front of the bottle was a good solution.

A few wrinkles at the back won't show on the spice rack.

You can experiment with so many different tape combinations and placements.

In the end, I couldn't decide which I liked best,

and then I remembered I didn't have to choose.

 Yay!  Walls of 1973 stylishness plus Washi tape: so much love.

(Of course you realize you can put Washi tape on any old thing for purely decorative purposes.  Except on knitting, because that would just be sticky.)

Thanks for checking out my spice bottle project - have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Why don't I 'get' washi tape?

Mary Keenan said...

Just lucky?

Unknown said...

What is washi tape? shw askes knowing no question is a dumb question

Mary Keenan said...

There are no dumb questions Gresha ;^) Washi tape is kind of like masking tape, but it's produced in REALLY fun prints and designs. Up in the project materials list you'll see it's linked to what's currently for sale through Etsy.