Friday, September 12, 2014

Autumn is a place

Probably I am not the only knitter who sees the autumn as Home: that wonderful time of year when a sweater is a welcome protection from cooling temperatures, and the air is filled with so much colour and texture from drifting leaves and intensely bright skies that a simple grey knit looks rich and elegant.

The weather is still warm in Toronto, but it's chilly enough today for me to know for certain that autumn is coming.  And I feel as enthusiastic about the season as if I'm traveling to my favourite holiday destination.  I'm packing for the trip there by unpacking my warm things from their moth-proofed summer resting places, and I'm planning excursions through dreams of pumpkin farms and apple orchards.

I know that a pair of wool socks in my walking boots will see me through many a long stroll, be it urban hiking or a day trip to the farm,

and my suede gloves from Florence will set off my sweaters and scarves and handknit hats beautifully.

There will be at least one day warm enough to sit outside a cafe with a slice of harvest pie, and another to justify one last ice cream.

And when it's time to leave autumn behind?

I'll travel to winter and knit more things for next year's visit.

It's so good to be a crafty person, don't you think?

(have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday!)

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