Wednesday, September 17, 2014

How to spend a sick day

If you're like me, you grade illness by the amount of knitting you can do.  If it's none, you're really, really sick.  If on the other hand you are totally contagious and nobody wants you cooking for them or showing up at work, but your fingers do not feel like puffy unworkable stumps and your eyes do have the capacity to stay open: YAY.

Photo taken on a sunshine-y day in happier times

Sadly, for my sick day yesterday I was in between those two places, and so occupied with nose-blowing I didn't really have my otherwise functioning hands free for my knitting needles.

Thankfully there are other things one can do when one feels like a giant sack of potato peels and can't just doze off:

1. Look up hotels and vacation rentals and bed and breakfasts for next year's holiday trip to Newfoundland

2. Look up knitting stores in the places you plan to go (thank you, KnitMap)

3. Test so see how much tea you can drink in a day (in my case: more than nine cups, possibly less than twelve - I lost count)

4. Marvel at how effectively chicken stock with tiny pasta stars and a ton of Worcestershire sauce opens up your sore throat

5. Watch the counter thingy on your blog for the exciting moment when it flips over to 1.67 million page views (I missed it - must have happened while I was boiling water)

6. Compulsively check the real estate listings to make sure the place you really want to be able to rent in three months' time is still on the market

7. Succumb to non-standard sick day food options like Oreo cookies and chocolate covered almonds, even though you know the sugar is just feeding the bugs that are making your life the aforementioned giant sack of potato peels

8. Drink a lot of water to try to flush out the bugs while they're distracted by all the sugar

9. Toss your Fitbit onto a table a few times to watch the different messages that pop up, and assess how bored or overly caffeinated the person was who came up with said messages

10. Go to bed early

(which I did, except I still feel rotten today, and that's why you got this exciting post instead of the one I meant to get organized for you.)

In other news, aren't these colour shifts on my Stoddart sock yarn beautiful, and can you believe all the little tiny mohair strands coming off it?

So pretty and so shiny.

Okay, I'm going to see if I can't get to feeling better today... seems like I have a bit of a lineup for the earbud pouch pattern, and it would be good if I could get it wrapped up and posted!  Take care and I'll see you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you feel better soon! You do have a gift for funny writing,even when you're sick! I took a peek at the earbuds pouch you mentioned--so cute!

Marianne said...

I never knew about adding the Worcestershire sauce to the chicken stock, thanks for that tip!
I do hope that you feel better soon, I've heard that the flu bug is starting to rear its ugly head so early this year. Take good care dear one.

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks Anonymous, that nice remark makes the coughs and sneezing a little easier to put up with!

Mary Keenan said...

Marianne, it's even more effective if you put in a drop or two of Tabasco ;^) (I'm out, or I would; all the tea drinking has given me a mouth sore so I have chicken stock on tap now.)