Thursday, September 25, 2014

Spinning in motion, with wasp

This hasn't happened before, but the Downton singles I was plying together during a sunny afternoon on the porch with my wasp friend (more on him later) unwound so easily, I was able to go hands-free long enough to get some in-motion shots.

Doesn't that look cool?

Normally I love plying, but that's when there's an end in sight.  I've been chipping away at the singles I spun over the course of July and sometimes even getting two colourways done in a day.  Surprised?  That's because I've been sparing you endless posts with pictures of of spun yarn.  You're welcome.  And may I add that in spite of all that restraint and plying effort, I still have 7 braids' worth of singles to ply? 

Kind of takes the fun out of it, to know you're essentially a ply factory.  Until this particular set of singles though, and the hands-free thing.

As I spun this batch I spotted a flaw in my evil plan for spinning up a lot of striped roving.  For one thing, I'm not consistent with the matching-up and barberpole moments, so I feel restricted to knitting single things as opposed to pairs that will not be symmetrical and will drive me slowly insane.  It's too late now that all the initial spinning is done here, but I think I will try fractal spinning another time, just to make the inconsistency a more deliberate-looking design feature.

(but will I end up with variegated colours that pool?  so many questions.)

Now, about this wasp.  He/she/it is in love with flowers and the colour yellow, apparently, and guess what the cushions on our porch seating looks like?  You guessed it: big yellow flowers.  Sometimes when I'm plying, he appears magically in the exact space where the singles are being joined into one. 

Because I don't want to be a/stung or b/spinning wasps into my yarn, I'm kinda rethinking the whole porch-spinning thing.

Or at least the cushions for the post-renovation chairs.

Okay, time to go admire floorplan possibilities: hope you have a great day today and I'll see you tomorrow!

(ps, Holly doesn't agree with my theory that plying yarn counts as packing, just because yarn takes up less space than fiber.  do you?)

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