Monday, September 29, 2014

How to be beautiful at any age

The other day I clicked on one of those Perfect Hair Styles To Make You Look Younger! articles.

It's true: even this hat doesn't stop the beauty.

(The title had made me think about the time a new hairstylist told me that my long hair made me look old, my curls made me look old, the grey I'd left untouched made me look old, and I should just let him cut off and colour my hair, and spend lots of money on him every 3-4 weeks thereafter.  Okay, that last bit was unspoken, but I think it was the subtext.  He gave me a truly terrible cut and I found a different new hairstylist.)

Seriously though: how many articles like that get published every day?  My vote is Tons, and my explanation is "because they get clicked on so. many. times."  We all want to look and feel great and have heaps of energy and magnetism...  if only we knew how. 

h'mmm... could I too be more beautiful?

That particular article informed me that I could look younger if I had bangs, no bangs, long hair, short hair, a messy up-do, flattened hair, and/or curls.  What's left?  (tiny grey close-to-your-head curls, that's what.  I would never have guessed.)

Not so helpful.  So here are my beauty tips.  Feel free to add your own in the comments. 

For wrinkles:

Smile at people, even if they don't look like they're having a bad day.

It's easy to smile when you're wearing a bow tie!

Eventually your smile lines will overtake your frowny grumpy ones.  And if bright colours and big patterns draw the most attention, why not great teeth?  Plus: smiley people just naturally look younger.

For toned arm muscles:

Notice when somebody needs help, and help them.  Hold a door in a public building, or bring pie to a door at somebody's home.  Everybody likes pie.

Giant puffy sleeves make my arms look slim by comparison!

Feeling like you need help yourself?  Reach out and invite kindness (or more pie.) Other people benefit from giving too, and anyway it's important to balance your muscle work.

To make your eyes your best feature:

Learn stuff.  Laugh a lot.  Wisdom and humour show in your eyes and nothing makes them more gorgeous, except maybe boatloads of eyeliner.  

Can you tell I just took my mohair coat to the library?

Also, try to get some sleep.  People can't see your gorgeous eyes if they are at half-mast most of the time.  And if all else fails, you can always resort to the emphatic eyebrows.

Ironic eyebrows are the perfect frame for my stunning eyes!

For glowing skin:

Step up your blood circulation with more activity.  Run for the bus, sure, but also, walk around more.  There are yarn store aisles just crying for your attention, to say nothing of fabric store aisles and parks with a series of benches just right for knitting on at intervals.  Practise learning to walk and knit.

But how do you knit with this club thing at the end?

Also: if you're knitting something soft? Don't just enjoy the way it feels on your hands.  Lift it to your face, too, for a yarny kiss.

I look good enough to go skiing!  but my mitts are too soft to waste on ski poles.

(oh, and moisturize.  apparently that's really important too.)

For great hair:

Apart from eating right to give it the best start you can?  Hats.  Big brimmed sun hats in summer, colourful knit hats in winter - yes, they may crush your 'do, but they also frame it, and conceal bad hair.  Think open-holed berets in some fabulous shade, if it's too warm for anything more.  Express yourself!

For hatless days, compelling styles include ponytails of any kind (shows you're working hard), standy-uppy short locks (shows you've been running your fingers through there while thinking through a tough problem), and long tresses you obviously washed and left to dry and style on its own so you could get on with doing productive things.  Or, you know, there's hairspray.

I won't have to think about my hair for a week, and it will still be perfect!

Remember, your hair says so much about you.  Let it speak.

For a cheery disposition:

Two words.  Social life.  Get one!

This hat will make my hair look stunning while I win over the gang with my wit!

The more you circulate, in person or in correspondence, the more people will find out just how beautiful you are.

Wow, I guess I really do look younger by mail!

Hope these tips help you to have a beautiful day; I plan to have one, myself, accessorized by some glamourous cups full of tea.  See you tomorrow!


elleberry said...

I usually just enjoy reading your posts (immensely!) but today I just had to comment - thanks for such a great message. The beauty of your values and creativity just shines :-)

Mary Keenan said...

Oh, that is such a nice thing for you to say elleberry!! thanks!

Laurinda said...

I 'm having my beauty day today (I know, I'm a little late to the party) I like to glob on the henna, which is a very thick, funky, natural paste, & think pretty thoughts. Since I'm forced to stay inside so I don't scare children while it goes to work, I've made great progress on my sweater! Christmas presents, not so much. (ahem) Great post, as usual!

Mary Keenan said...

Omigosh, you are a better woman than I. I did a henna thingy once when I was a teen and it smelled so awful my mother wouldn't even come downstairs while I did it! My hair looked gorgeous afterward (and smelled normal too) but I sure wouldn't have been able to think pretty thoughts while it was on - go you!!