Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The happy list: you need one

You know how sometimes you feel kind of bleh and you don't know why?  Or your kids are disappointed about something or grumpy and you want to nudge them into a happier mood?  Or somebody else in your house is all GAH and making the rest of you flare your nostrils over the book you really wanted to be able to read right now?

You need a happy list.

Here's how it works:

1/ Everybody in the household/group of friends/office writes down what makes him or her happy.

2/ Everybody then reviews everybody else's list and adds stuff that he or she personally has witnessed producing happiness in those other people.  (sometimes it's hard to remember what makes you happy, even when you're not grumpy.)

3/ Somebody posts the lists in a conveniently located place.

4/ Next time somebody's off?  Consult the list!  and then make something on it happen.

Some items on my personal Happy List might include:

1/ watching a really good movie or documentary with knitting in my hand. 

2/ eating a sandwich made with fresh bread

3/ spinning on the porch

4/ taking a nap

5/ taking a walk

6/ being presented with cubed watermelon I didn't have to prep

7/ danishes, either eaten or admired

8/ working in a clutter-free space

9/ writing

... you get the idea.  Nothing earth-shattering: no trips to Tiffany's needed.  Just a little shift into the sunlight where you can take a break to enjoy life, after too much time being burdened by the Stuff in it.

ps - you know what else makes me happy?  knitting with Stoddart yarn.  so, last weekend when I was sad...

I cast on another sock.

Go have a happy day, and I'll see you here again tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

That sock could make anybody happy. Love the colors and texture.

Mary Keenan said...

It sure is making me happy, the more I knit of it!