Friday, September 5, 2014

Sometimes, knitters get tempted

There is a renovation-related No New Yarn rule in place here at Hugs, so naturally: new yarn!

This isn't really a cheat.  Trish talked me into the Indigodragonfly yarn club and this is the September (August?) mailing.  Hello, new yarn.

Looks a lot like the porch, doesn't it?  It's actually got a green hue, rather than grey, with the bits of old wood.

I have no idea what to make with this.  It came with a choice of two patterns for neckwear, and they are lovely and all, but this yarn is sport weight and it's hard for me to think of anything other than socks when I look at a single skein of sport weight.  I know this is illogical.  I am trying to overcome it.

This yarn is not a problem because I'm already in the club it came from.  The problem is the newest Twisted Fiber Art club.  I promised myself I would not join again for a while because I am swimming in Twisted yarns already that it will take me many months to get through, but...

Omigosh, THE COLOURS.  The inspiration pictures are, once again, killing me.  Well, one of them is, and you only need one.

I tried enlisting Trish to talk me out of it, and you can guess how that went.  She could see as well as I could how much the colours of that one particular inspiration board are about as Me as it gets. 

Maybe I need to start asking for restraint from somebody who doesn't knit?

(in time for the next club, I mean.  too late for this one, now that I've signed up and paid my club dues again.)

And now I will retreat for a weekend of yarny splendours.  Hope you get one of the same and I'll see you Monday!


Unknown said... are seriously evil ;-) Yarn clubs; I never even considered they existed! How dangerous!

Mary Keenan said...

Paula, maybe it will be like vaccination - now that you know about them, you will have greater fortitude ;^)