Friday, September 19, 2014

What to do when you overdo (the yarn shopping)

Today I'd like to discuss the fallout from overbuying yarny stuff you don't have space for and may never, ever have time to use.

Psych!  Nope, instead I'm gonna talk about how to push past annoying guilt and mess, to organize the stuff you brought home.

This is how I held onto the fibre I had decided to buy while I kept on shopping at Waterloo Wool's closing sale, by the way.  I stuck both arms through the loops on a series of braids and it was so warm, and looked so medieval, I can't believe nobody crafty has brought this in as a fashion trend.

And now to business.

Hello Seascape, you pretty blue superwash merino!

You are insanely soft, and your colours are lovely, and there are two of you, so I should spin you very fine and use you for a stunningly beautiful shawl.  But that's too much like work so you get to be sportish weight, for a series of giftable hats and neck scarves.  You are so perfect for next-to-skin use it would be a shame (and too time-consuming) to do anything else.  Plus, I can spin sport weight while reading a book on my knee, as it's my current autopilot setting.

Let's have a look at you, Polwarth Pumpkin Patch!

You are the perfect match for the Stoddart winter sock yarn I've been spinning, which means you would make amazing matchy legwarmers.  but again: so soft.  I think the sock yarn might do well as mitts, and you as a super bulky Mary hat to go with a nice green scarf.  Assuming I ever stumble across a nice green scarf - oh, wait, I did!  Perfect.

Moving on - oh yes, Magenta Mixup on scrummy Polwarth.

You know who you're for, and so will she the minute she sees this post, heh.  You get to be whatever she would like... that is made with bulky yarn. Or... okay, less than bulky yarn.  I am not a tyrant.  Let me know what you'd prefer, Lannie: it's gonna be soft, whatever you choose.

Oh look, we're back to me again.  I love you, Blue-Faced Leicester 'Favourite Vintage.'  I have no idea what you should be but I think your weight will be... bulky?

Or maybe I'm getting to be too predictable.  I've already got one or two hats I could be wearing so... bulky handwoven scarf?  A bulky cowl?  Either way - yep, bulky is the way to go.

Now this one is - hello!  I think I decided you should not be bulky, Falkland Shipwreck.  You are a little scratchier than the others - nothing to be ashamed of, it's just enough to make you not right for next to skin - so perhaps your destiny lies in being sport weight. 

That's a nice flexible weight for things that don't end up on one's forehead or neck, and it can always be doubled up for a heavier effect if an actual project idea occurs to me.  Or I can weave you with very soft cross yarn into scarves, if I decide to give in to the pleas of Certain People who caught me photographing you.

Please tell me we're getting to the bottom of the shopping bag.  I don't think I can - oh, hi there Grape Crush on Blue-Faced Leicester!

We all know where you're going (Ady), and what you're going as (bulky hat or cowl).  And who you're going with (Polwarth African Violet.)

Hat or cowl, whichever Grape Crush is not and whatever Ady decides will suit.  Though actually, the African Violet is a smashing match for some Twisted yarn I forget the name of, but which will leave remains post-sock project that might be enough to set up the loom for a handspun scarf, so... well, still.  Bulky.


See, overbuying isn't a disaster. As long as you make a plan for how you're going to use the insane amount of stuff you picked up, you can totally pretend you didn't overbuy at all.

And now if you'll excuse me, I have to go now and finish off prepping all this fibre according to its destination (tearing into sections, matching with instructions on an index card, and stuffing into mothproof bags),  so I can pretend I actually have a shot at making this stuff.  See you Monday!


Unknown said...

Beautiful! But you forgot a step: Get the stuff up to your stash area before your partner gets home ;-)

Mary Keenan said...

Dang, why didn't I think of that, Paula???