Thursday, September 11, 2014

Weaving: not for the faint of heart

I've been trying a new approach to weaving: Care Less!  Which isn't the same thing as 'careless' but involves a marked reduction in panic about making every row the same width as the one before it.  It's the same attitude that led to a marked improvement in my hand-spinning skills.  Sadly...

I don't have the stamina to see it through this time.  Picking up the loom after weeks of not touching it, and trying to calmly weave away without fussing, led to a huuuuuge difference in tension and a significant increase in Scarf Width.

Which I think, in a scarf as already-narrow as this one (6" at its best), will show.  Bonus heartbreak: I blew about 7" of scarf this way, and will have to weave backwards to eliminate the mistake and start over again.  Still quicker than knitting and frogging and knitting again... but still.

How can you tell you've messed up on making an evenly-edged scarf?  The sides fold neatly over the previously-woven bit like a cosy woven blankie over a sleeping child.

(insert image of Mary, weeping messily if not noisily over every pass of the shuttle thingy, still determined not to learn the proper name for Loom Parts.)

Oh well. It's not really scarf weather yet anyway.

Take care of yourself today and if you accidentally weave outside the lines, make it look Meant in whatever way seems good to you.  See you tomorrow!

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