Thursday, September 18, 2014

When knitters cheat

With all the gorgeous patterns and yarns we have at our disposal, you wouldn't think a knitter would cheat and buy something ready made, but...

Sometimes, you see something so perfect you can't help yourself.

100% yak in my very favourite shade of green, in giant scarf form?  Like I was going to be able to resist that.

Actually, I nearly did, because there was another scarf from the same company in the same fiber and green - but striped with two shades of grey.  STRIPED.  I'm still not sure how I passed that up, and actually: it was more flattering around my neck, being less bulky than this one.  But in situations like this I always remember my friend Susan, who is a genius fashion advisor and artist, telling me to go with the thing I fell for first because it will always be the keeper.  (besides which, the stripies were a bit itchy and nobody wants an itchy scarf.)

I walked this scarf around the yard for quite a while with my camera trained on the stitches before the screen started giving me the correct shade of green...

... but I never did get to capture the full scale of the thing.

That's it folded double - it's long and wide, a shawl really.  I may end up wearing it around the house the most, at least until we move out in a few months to a place with better insulation and then move back in to our new energy-efficient Home Of Splendour.

(speaking of which, I heard from the architects that they have already come up with three - three!! - ideas for the new design and we will get to see them soon.  but not today as planned because: still sick.)

So probably I shouldn't have cheated.  But I've bought stupider things, and I think I would have regretted letting this soft and lovely thing go, don't you?

And now it's time for me to concentrate on not calling from my sickbed to put the striped one on hold.  Hope your day doesn't require quite so much effort and I'll see you tomorrow!

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