Monday, September 22, 2014

Tricks and bright colour treats

Folks, I finally got to ply some of the vast teetering mountain of July-related handspun yarn.

And with October fast approaching I couldn't let Trick or Treat fall to the bottom of the queue.  I don't know though - too cheerful for Hallowe'en?

Here is the treat:

I couldn't believe how well the two strands came together, matching up for perfect colour shifts all the way along.  Isn't it gorgeous?

Sadly: the trick followed.

So. Much. Barberpole.

Not that I don't like barberpole, because I do.  And I like solid shifts, and polka dots for that matter but what I really like just one thing per skein and I don't have it.

The second half of the braid wasn't much better - still a mix, but it went kind of back and forth for the duration.

On the upside though: done! 

And maybe there's something I can do to make the shifts an asset rather than a big ol' Weird.  Like - linen stitch to break it up?  Ribbing for the straight striping effect and stocking stitch afterward?  Eh, I don't even know what I'm knitting with this stuff yet, so I've got time I guess.

Hope you get some good thinking time today, preferably with a side of stitching!

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