Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Being yarny

It's hot here today - much too hot to be fussing over stitches and increases for a swatch for something that might be interesting, which is why I'm now typing instead of fussing or glancing furtively at my spinning, to which I am now thoroughly addicted.

One thing I have been doing successfully is clearing off my desk so that it is once again possible to see the surface, mostly by moving stuff around so it feels all fresh and not like something I want to mess up. I am now officially employing a journal to keep my notes and ideas in (as opposed to scraps of paper all over) and I'm using Painter's Tape to stick to-do lists on nice clean index cards onto the frame around my window.

Let's see how long this lasts.

The inspiration bowl was part of the move - this is the flowerpot where I throw new (or freshly exciting for whatever reason) yarns I want to gaze at and touch a lot. A closer look told me something I do not want to know on a day filled with knitting and frogging and frowning and no chocolate in the house:

The yarns match. And because one is laceweight, another a merino/nylon blend for socks, and a third a very springy superwash heavy fingering, there is virtually no way I can work them into a single garment. Which means, of course, I am thinking of of almost nothing but how to do so.


heklica said...

I've tried to clean up my desk but failed miserably. It was ok for two days but then stuff started accumulating again. I love that colour combination!

andrea said...

simple solution for the weight difference. make a travelers scarf ( similar to swatches joined together to make a scarf). hope that might be useful. also i love your blog.
p.s they seem to be a big hit on