Monday, August 29, 2011

And there was much hilarity

It's a busy day here at Hugs so I don't have time to prep any of the magnificant photos I took/had taken over the weekend (let alone prep the Escapist Shawl file for posting as a whole today.)  So let's settle for a few highlights.

It takes approximately 236 photographs to realize that your background includes a pole that appears to stick out of the subject's head or a large piece of lint on the item being photographed or some other distraction.  After that, it takes another 246 to get one or two photographs in which the subject does not look Very Bad.

For me, anyway.  Honestly, I don't understand why I can't just look like myself in a picture because I almost never do.  I've seen myself interviewed on video and I look perfectly normal then, but put me in a still photo and I look like a stranger with hair in my eyes or freakishly large cheeks or nose wrinkles or something.  And this is not vanity.  I have shown recent photographs to co-workers and had them point at one of me and ask who that is. 

Making matters worse, I have a thing about the photographs of stuff I offer through Hugs being On Me.  I keep thinking I should ask friends to pose for me because it would be so much faster.  I just never do it.  Maybe I need Photoshop.

Anyway as a result of all that the photo shoots around here are lengthy projects that usually involve Pete stepping up with the camera and a spare hour or so. He is endlessly patient with my unphotogenic-ness and after two years of this now he is getting better at noticing pole-like objects earlier.  With this weekend's round though he got very silly and started feeding me scripts for what I should be thinking or feeling as he moved around with my rather sad little digital camera.  Your house burned down! Children skipping! You're confused! Now: wondering what's on TV tonight!  There's an ant on your arm! No, really!

Like I didn't feel ridiculous enough already - and once I get laughing, forget it. Fortunately we did get a few that are good enough for me to feel I can give up on the quest for better.  Isn't it amazing to think that one can take pictures in four different places and times for a total of more than two hours and end up with just three you all like and two more you can live with?  Thank goodness for digital cameras.

Oh, and I do hope to get Escapist up as a single file this week.  Just maybe not tomorrow, heh.

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