Monday, August 22, 2011

Escapist mystery shawl - part four

And here we are at the close of our four-part miniseries. Is your shawl ready?

Nah, mine neither.  The one I want to deliver this coming weekend is, because, erm: six days??? But the handspun version paused at Part Two and the lace at about a third into Part One because: six days!!!

Part Four was where I struggled the most, and you'd better believe I agonized the whole time about how to make this shawl look lovely but not be complicated. 

What I wanted was a nice scalloped edge, and in the end I settled on a variation of Feather and Fan that puckered and bubbled and wouldn't lay flat. Torn between knowing that would drive me crazy every time I wore it, and thinking it looked pretty cool, I did a later shawl without any scallops at all.  When I pinned that one out, it was easy to add in some points which, when dry, stayed put.  And then I looked back at the original, now well-dried and shrunk back into itself, and discovered the bubbles and flips had settled into something I quite enjoy.

So: you get to decide how your shawl comes out.  Both endings take about the same amount of yardage.  Which will you choose?

Click here for Part Four.

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Anonymous said...

you're way ahead of me, I'm only at the middle of part one, not because it's too difficult but I don't get enough time to knit it, so I'm struggeling along and will get there be sure about that