Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Not so much of a muchness

I don't know where I used to hear the expression 'too much of a muchness' which for some reason I associate with my dad - I think he reserved it as commentary for insanely rich desserts, if such things exist - but I am very aware that my knitting this week is not much of a muchness at all.

Things are hoppy skippy distracty around here and I have been unable to settle down for more than a few minutes to anything.

I did spend about 45 minutes in a waiting room with a blue and white striped sock yesterday but stopped when I noticed my tension was going ZiNg and zaP and every which way, and hoped I would not have to rip back.

I met a fellow knitter in the waiting room who was working on a hat from Vogue Knitting and we talked about the merits of Ravelry and various local knitting groups which I really need to get myself out of the house at night to attend.

I also obsessed, oddly, about a little knitted tea cosy I spotted at the cottage I visited last week. It was very humble and much-used but there was a very strong cable up one side and I wish now I'd taken a closer look or a photograph so I could think more productively about what elements made it so striking.

The tea cosy obsession is making me think about knitting as ornament.  Like, instead of pictures on the walls, what about blocks of knitting stretched out and framed?  I suppose moths would get them eventually, but hmmmm.  And also, stash-bustery.

But mostly I am wanting not to have a whole nother day of Not Productiveness, however hoppy skippy things might be.  So today I am going to take my second Escapist shawl to the porch and knit to the end of Part Two - I'm so close now! - and stop for a photograph before starting Part Three.  If I'm tempted to get up from my chair to hop and skip some more, I'm taking my knitting with me.  It deserves a dance too.

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Kate Moore said...

Your title reminds me of Alice in Wonderland. "Muchness" lol :)