Friday, August 26, 2011

Socks as strategy

As promised (aka warned), today I will be talking about my sock situation. 

I know lots of people like to knit socks in summer because they are lightweight and portable and don't drape sweatily over your legs where more of us than usual is exposed because we're all in shorts and those pull up when we sit down (I am looking at you, Deco.)

But I like to knit socks in summer because I can knit outside then - which means I am knitting on the move in a park or at a bus stop, and for that, only a sock will do.

Or perhaps I mean the cuff of a top-down sock or the foot of a toe-up one, because once you've passed the heel in either direction you have a floppy swingy thing hanging down as you walk which I find impacts the drag on my subsequent stitches.

(my apologies if I have already posted that picture here; I didn't get time yesterday to take the picture I wanted for this post which would have amounted to four times as many sock cuffs.)

And there is the problem: every time I get to a heel I think, GAH, and cast on another cuff to take on whatever outing it is for which I need a lightweight non-swingy urgent project.  Which is why last night I had to carve out time to put two cuffs onto their heel flaps and a third onto its heel's turn, so as to have car knitting for the weekend.  I had to do that instead of casting on a new cuff because

I am out of 2.25mm double pointed needles.


Now, I could just take that as a sign I should be finishing the four socks currently on my needles, and a sensible person would probably do that. But I can't help thinking the better plan is to buy more 2.25 double pointed needles and cast on a new set of cuffs with my Slughorn sock kit.  I mean, it is back-to-school season.  Am I right or am I right?

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Gina said...

When guys run out of underwear, they just buy more. So ... why not more doublepoints when you run out??? After all, they're both necessities - right?