Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A new bag

I've been buying tiny happy bags again.

Honestly, these things are just so... well, the fabrics are better than anything I have around here for a start.  Softer, crisper, more colourful, more muted and calming, more matchy.  More everything.

And then of course they are sewn well.  I sew well, but slowly, so having a finished product turn up in my mailbox with a cheerful note attached is infinitely more pleasant than spending the better part of a day hunched over my sewing machine and wanting endless backrubs afterward.

Here is one of the new ones - there are more, and you will doubtless be seeing them in project posts very soon because I'm getting back up to More Projects Than Fit In My Current Project Bags status again.

Isn't it pretty?  and so functional with the drawstring closure.  I was hesitant about this style at first because   zip closure suggests more security for things that might fall out, but after several weeks of knitting at bus stops where I pull yarn up from the bag at my side (as opposed to knitting on the sofa where the environment is more controlled) I noticed the yarn often getting wrapped around the zipper pull and thought I'd try a change. It's heaven.  Super satisfying to pull the drawstrings tight, too.

When not beside me this bag sits on my kitchen counter so I can grab it on my way out the door, and every time I so much as glance at it I just feel a tiny burst of happiness.  That's herringbone linen, you know? and the crocheted doily is perfect.  It's just so... well.  I can't explain why I love these bags so much, I just do.

Though one factor might be the inevitable lining surprise.

Always different, always cheery.

Those are some socks, by the way.  Super vibrant cheery Vesper self-striping socks, which I will show you another day when they're a bit further along.  I have more to say about Vesper this week though, because you can never have too many tiny bursts of happy, right?

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