Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Spoiler pictures - Escapist shawl part three

I'm not even going to pretend I might finish Part Three on my handspun shawl in time for this week's reveal, because there are only about 5 days left before I want to deliver this one and I'm losing at least two of them to errands, chores, and the occasional party.

So here it is in my wool/alpaca blend:

with the help of a second very very long needle. It is getting crazy big on 4mm needles, up from the 3.5mm I used originally!

And up close:

I'll post the details about yardage and which rows I knit in the contrast colour over at Ravelry later today, and here at Hugs when I post the finished product.  Meanwhile: do the green stripes balance each other now, or just look weird?  Opinions welcome.

You may notice that the wrinkles in Part Two are being smoothed out here in Part Three. It may not be quite the correct form for a story arc but, you know.  It looks better.

Do you also notice the shadow cast over the shawl?  It's from a very big tree branch that has three cracks in it.  Sigh.

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