Thursday, August 4, 2011

Getting things done

Do you ever have the feeling that water is pouring into your boat faster than you can pour it back out, and you'd better just learn to enjoy the bath?  Well, around last week the water stopped pouring into mine, and I've been able to start the long process of getting dry.

I watched a few Harry Potter movies and got a few more inches onto my Deco cardi:

I finished off my plain stripey socks and, trying them on, was relieved to find they aren't a bit baggy without ribbing:

Patterns I've been editing in mid-knit have been all updated on my computer, and one finished sample lies next to another in progress which means that I'm getting a big thing out of the boat soon.  I've wound yarn I want to work with over the next few weeks into cakes and set them aside to be ready, and for the first time in months I have empty project bags ready too. 

I even cleaned my desk, folks. 

I don't know if it gets any better than this, and I don't care, because where I am is pretty darned good.

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