Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Cottage knitting

I don't have pictures of Escapist Part Two to show you today because I didn't finish the purple shawl's Part Two over the weekend. Why?  Because I went to a cottage and was blindsided by the fact that even the drive was Utterly. Restful.

Seriously, my productive activities were limited to sheets going on and off the guest bed, meal prep assistance, cleanup assistance, and sourcing swimsuits or putting said swimsuits up to dry.  The rest of the time I was strolling up the earthy driveway another guest had raked for fun (the gentle, evenly spaced ridges reminded me of a Japanese garden), sitting in a rocking chair and leafing through 20 years' worth of Cottage Life magazine, admiring the weirdest looking mushrooms ever in the forested front yard, or standing waist deep in warm, clear lake water admiring the view.

Here is what the lake looked like where it met the rocks:

Did I mention the weather was perfect, too?

I did knit a little of the shawl because I wanted some cottage worked into it - it's for somebody who also loves that place - and a little of some socks destined for another somebody who does.  I got this far:

Which is not much, but, erm... can you spell 'distraction'?

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