Thursday, August 25, 2011

I have been shopping

Well, we knew I'd been shopping, right?

But some of my shopping came in the mail yesterday. Whoo hoooo!

Yep, I joined the Biscotte club for another round. 

I was a little sad opening the envelope because even though Louise eases the pain of having to wait till the first of every month to get into each of the little pouches that you're keeping in your house in anticipation...

... there wasn't going to be any yarn to squish.

(isn't that a super cute bag though?  I do love the Biscotte cat logo... and I desperately needed a bigger project bag so Yay Louise!)

Then I saw a little peep of something colourful and pulled out...

My Slughorn sock kit!  Just in time for the rest of my summertime Harry Pottering.

You know, when I saw the ad for this kit I thought 'I Must Have This', which I sort of assumed was the post-funeral-crazy talking.  But now I see my gut instinct was right because what Louise calls 'parchment' is what I call gobsmackingly delicious.  None of my paper is that inviting I can tell you.

Now, whether I can justify knitting it very very soon is another matter.  Perhaps we can discuss this further tomorrow, heh.

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