Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sympathy yarn

I got a squishy parcel in the mail yesterday from Ady that turned out to contain this:

plus a  sympathy card in which she'd written that she thought beautiful yarn might be better for me than flowers. And oh, is it beautiful!!  The colours show true here but the pillowy factor is in-person only.

I'm not sure what to turn this into.  I first thought SOCKS! because the skein - very generous by the way, about 135g - is 80% alpaca to 20% nylon.  But I notice the alpaca/nylon blends in Ravelry's database have been largely discontinued, making me think they're probably better suited to scarves and hats and helper yarns paired with something more durable.

Which is to say that I still keep hearing


as I move around the house... designing in my head a very peculiar scarf.  Well, there's no comfort in loss like keeping busy, is there - that Ady, she's such a genius, isn't she?


Karen said...

My first thought was socks too, but I think we should restrain ourselves--that yarn looks pretty 2-ply-ish to me, and I think socks might shred fairly quickly, which would be such a disappointment. I suspect you'd be much happier with a lacy scarf or shawlette.

Unknown said...

What a lovely thought. That is definitely a better choice than flowers.