Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Escapist - part one pictures

Spoiler alert, if you don't want to spoil the surprise! If you don't mind seeing what Escapist part one looks like knit up though, you can check it out in the three totally different kinds of fibers I'm using for the knitalong.


Okay.  First up, I think I'll show you what the heavy garter-based lattice looks like in sport weight on needles  little bigger than the pattern calls for (4mm, in this case), in the limited edition wool/alpaca blend I bought from A Piece of Vermont a while back.

I love looking at the central lace pattern in the air, with light coming through.

I find the first part of the shawl a bit of a slog to get through because garter grows so slowly, but on the other hand - nice to look at lace and pretty much see what you're going to get after blocking.  This part does stretch out a bit after it's been pinned to dry and then released, but not as much as the rest of the shawl does.  And of course the plus of that is: it's warm up around your neck where you want it.  It also produces a natural fold for a shawl collar, should you want one.  (Not to be too spoilery.)

I don't know whether I'll get a shawl collar out of my handspun FoxyMaple as it's so much heavier weight, but it's awfully pretty don't you think?

I did far fewer repeats of the first lace chart and will be making other changes along the way to adjust for proportion and the amount of yarn I have, but so far I've got this to the same size as my original sample so I think it will block out to be nicely wrappable.

Slower going: the cabled laceweight version.

I have to be a bit careful not to put my needle through the cabled strands (I did mention it's not perfect, right?) and I have a few other projects I have to keep up with, so I've decided to take my time with this one as it's for me and can therefore wait.  But I'm really pleased with how it's looking and I think it will make a lovely little accessory for my usual black on grey winter uniform.

Hope your shawls are going beautifully too!

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