Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Knitting in the dark

In my continuing quest to put all four of my current socks in progress back into Mindless and Mobile Knitting territory (aka past the heel), I did some knitting in a dark car on the highway the other night.  It's an amazing sensation to knit only by feel.  And look!

It actually turned out well.  Everything from the safety pin onward was done that way.

Of course if you look at the other side...

Yeah.  And it's not just the dropped stitches, which I thought at first I could address with a very small crochet hook.

There is something very peculiar about a pair of stitches 10 rows back as well.

Knitting in the dark: worth the effort?  Well, I probably lost more time ripping back and getting the sock on the needles again than I gained in the round or three before I went wrong, but I did have the fun of knitting for an hour when I otherwise couldn't have, so I'm considering it a wash.

I think I might really have turned into a process knitter.  Scary.

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