Friday, June 1, 2012

Bounty from the Awesome Spring Sale

Stand by for the fiber-related reward at the end of this post.

Every spring and fall one of my neighbourhood churches holds an Awesome Sale.  (they call it that, that’s not just me being amazed, but I am always amazed by the breadth of this thing; it fills the expansive church basement and also a large hallway and seating area upstairs.) 

Naturally, I always go.  I love shopping for vintage stuff and I always find the coolest things there.  It’s just that lately, as I realize I need to stop bringing things into my tiny house, I am feeling that I need to be a more responsible person when it comes to the Awesome Sales.   A less acquisitive person.

So this spring, I focused on vintage kids’ books.  They don’t take up much space and I love the illustrations; they make me happy when I sit down and slow down browsing through the story.

Red being my favourite colour, I could not pass up The Red Carpet, written and illustrated by Rex Parkin.

Also, I love roadmaps as much as I do floorplans.  So much imagination potential!

This one is from Billy Goat and His Well-Fed Friends, by Nonny Hogrogian:

A sheep eating a flower: swoon.

This one though - The Plant Sitter by Gene Zion and illustrated by Margaret Bloy Graham - this was irresistible:

Best pictures ever.

I love how little Tommy’s face is open wide in that smile, like Calvin in Calvin and Hobbes but with (slightly) less troublemaking potential.

I also love how grumpy Tommy’s dad is about sharing his breakfast with his relentlessly cheery son in a small forest.

Time for the Yarny Surprise

I had to pick this box up from a jumbled-up table of vintage games.

It was obviously a twin deck of cards, and I’m always interested to see what the backs are like.  But I wasn’t prepared for this:

I mean, honestly. A olde-tymey woman spinning? 

With cows just outside her open door?  So coming home with me.

And the actual cards are pretty cute too!


(Ayers was promoting its wool goods, which included a huge specialty in blankets.  My kinda company.)

When I paid for the cards I mentioned to one of the three people behind the table that I spin myself, so I had to have them.  The girl in the middle said Oh, I don’t know what that’s like, and fished an Ashford spindle out of her bag.  I almost felt bad about buying the cards out from under her (but not enough to give them up, heh.)

Yarny people: we're everywhere.  Like zombies! but, you know, friendlier

And with that my friends, I take my leave for the weekend. Have a great one yourself, see you Monday!

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