Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Stained Glass socks, complete

I was surprised last week to finish my alpaca socks, but even more so to suddenly realize I was near the end of my stained glass socks.  So very near, I could actually finish them as well.

Yes, they’re made from Vesper Sock, so they’re addictive to work with, but I was using my now-ancient and severely compromised wooden needles which meant neither speed nor fun.  It’s amazing how motivated you can be by the prospect of finishing something in a very short time, even if you can’t actually wear it for months.

(though, as I write this, it’s cold enough again that I had to put some wool socks on and my toes are still chilly, sooo… yeah.  Loving the socks, no matter what.)

This is my super basic sock pattern, the one I worked out specifically for my own feet.  I cast on 64 stitches for the cuff and basically head on down to the toe, using safety pins for markers and counting out a set number of rows for the lengths I prefer for leg and foot. 

(my PuddleJumper socks use the same principal, minus the personalized leg and foot row counts, and plus the lace pattern.)

I knit another pair of variegated socks from Knitterly Things a while back and put a pattern in to avoid pooling, but this time I didn’t bother because I needed a mindless knit for my bag.  I’m not sorry.  These socks look pretty great if you ask me, even though they are Not Fussy.  

And they feel pretty great too.

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