Wednesday, June 6, 2012

My new job is basically knitting

I said to Trish the other day by way of making sense of the whole New Job thing and Training For Same: studying to be a financial advisor is a lot like learning to knit.   

I know this seems like a reach, but seriously, check it out:

A Simple Concept

Knitting – one stitch (with two sides that look different)

Financial Planning – one principle (make money with your effort, make money with your money)

An Enormous Scope

Knitting – a huge variety of applications for different goals, like sweaters or socks or hats

Financial Planning – a huge variety of applications for different goals, like retirement income or tax reduction or crisis management

Tailored Solutions Available

Knitting – more than one way to cast on or cast off, depending on specific needs

Financial Planning – more than one way to grow funds, depending on specific needs


Knitting – so much math

Financial Planning – Oh good golly, the MATH.

(still, I’ve survived some pretty overwhelming pattern-grading math, so I should be able to master taxation math, right?)

(erm, right?)

Now I just have to figure out how to make the two things coexist...

... and not just in that financial planning can incorporate retirement savings specifically earmarked for yarn purchases (although, you know my financial plan totally does.)

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