Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Winter socks for a summer day

We're heading into a heatwave where I live, so naturally I am making progress on my wool/mohair winter socks.

In fact not only am I knitting winter socks, I'm celebrating the arrival yesterday of some more yarn from my Stoddart Family Farm wool share:

(The sock's yarn is also from Stoddart.)  This new colourway is called Sunlight Ocean.

I love how the colour just pops from muted backgrounds, don't you?

Okay, back to the socks.  I am breaking my heart over these things even though they are, as you can see, inside-out gorgeous.

What happened was, I got up to where I thought the heel should probably go for the amount of yarn I had left on the cake, and decided the leg wasn't long enough, which meant I was probably going to have to go longer and do a contrast heel and toe.  So: off to the yarn cupboard to see what scraps I could use for the purpose.

And that's when I started to clue in: this yarn that is becoming socks is the very same yarn I bought to make my much-longed-for (and much-feared) twined mittens.


Not only because the colours will go with every coat I own, but because there was a lot of yardage in this particular skein, more so than the others, and I don't know how much yarn I'll need for a pair of twined mitts as compared to a pair of socks.

So: carry on, or rip out?

I'm carrying on.

Ironically, it turns out there is way more in this cake than in a similar sock I knit previously, so I don't need to do the heel and toe differently at all - which is lucky, because none of my other Stoddart boot weight yarns are really a good contrast for this one.

Oh yarn, your ways are mysterious indeed.  Or maybe what I mean is: overthinking is overrated?

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Yvette said...

Hey congrats on the Knitty pattern!! Way to go!!