Thursday, June 7, 2012

Shoes and the socks who don't love them

I am a complete shoe fanatic but every time I shop for them now it’s all,


Because it’s just impossible to find something that doesn’t wreck my hip and knee and related muscles.  I am so tired of hobbling over to my chiropractor’s and confessing that, once again, I have failed to stick with perfectly orthotic shoes.  

(Also: sick of being well short of retirement age and having to stick with orthotic shoes.  Pout.)

The worst though is shopping for corporate-friendly footwear because you’re so much less likely to find spongy soles and enormous arch support and nonexistent heels in a dressy style.

Which is why I ended up splurging - and I mean it actually pained even me, the queen of irresponsible yarn-buying – on these pointy-toed Oxfords for the new job.

You know perfectly well what I was thinking when I fell for these shoes, right?  

They are lace-up brogues.  Which would naturally be worn with socks.  Perhaps... handknit socks. 


Okay, maybe the red and all the colour changes are just too zippy.  What about... these?


Oh man, am I really going to have to go with storebought plain black nylon things?

(I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of that so I will just quietly confess that the combo looks great.  Still.  Principle.)


... time to get going on some super plain dark coloured socks, I think.  


Kathleen Taylor said...

The shoes look great with both pairs of handknit socks.

I've had many months of foot and heel trouble, but I was helped enormously by gel inserts. Maybe you could get by with them in your less-orthopedic shoes?

Mary Keenan said...

I always use those inserts too but there is just so little room in a dress shoe, my heel kept popping out when I walked! I'm going with 'shoe rotation' and 'minimal walking' and 'frequent chiropractic appointments' ;^)