Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Viola socks

Before I started up with the two pairs of stocking stitch socks the other day, I cast on a different pair of socks with some of my newest Viola yarn.  I was a bit grudging about it because I chose the yarn in question for its proximity to where I was sitting and not because I wanted to knit with really fine yarn. 

And not just fine yarn, but way finer than I usually use for socks, such that I had to go down to my 2.25 mm square needles – the ones I bought before I knew that I really have to go up a size to get the same gauge with squares as I do with the traditional round variety.

Also: it’s got nylon in it, which I normally try to avoid.  I prefer straight wool if I can get it, (though I do love the nylon in my Biscotte Felix yarns because that stuff is so squishy.)

What I did love about this yarn was the colour.  I am pretty sure this is the skein Emily was a bit apologetic about when I bought it, telling me it had been something of a mistake in the dye pot that she had tried to fix.

Can you imagine??

Funny how it’s the stuff you think is a bit of a tradeoff that turns out to be the stuff you can’t put down.   I had seven inches on this first leg before I even cared enough about measuring and frankly, I would really like to be knitting a lot more of it now please, instead of writing about it.

In fact it’s the tiny nature of the stitches that has me the most smitten.  The fabric I’m getting just feels so elegant and expensive, never mind the way these two colours merge in and out of each other.

I realize it is cruel of me to tell this story now that Viola yarns are available only by sale or trade from other knitters’ stashes at Ravelry.  It’s probably also cruel of me to be disappointed that I don’t have more in my own stash, except for stuff a teeny bit heavier and 100% merino and pretty similar in colour-nature, which I suspect I will be knitting as soon as ever I can.   


Hope you have a great day anyway!

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