Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dream Vacation and other distractions

Appealing though it would be to do this year's Toronto Transit Commission Knitalong with Trish for a holiday - and it is appealing; I'm not being sarcastic here - my dream vacation shoots a little higher than that.

Maybe not quite as high as a knitting or spinning retreat on the west coast somewhere with top teachers in an amazing resort (which should probably be my dream vacation since the 'dream' part dispenses with any need to find time, money, or the will to get on a plane) but pretty high.

Betcha can't guess so I'll tell you what it really is.

Mary's Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is to save up just a ton of cash - enough to do a tour of Europe without booking flights with air miles or staying in budget hotels - and block off maybe two weeks? or just a week if it's still not enough money?

and go to my cottage.

Right after committing all the money to a makeover team to come in and

clean my house!

ohhhh, wouldn't it be bliss, to sit on a deck overlooking a still lake, spinning wheel at your feet or knitting in your hands or - let's be crazy - both, while somebody else magically turns your house into something magazine worthy, or at least tidy?

Seriously - this is only week five of my course and already my house is a shambles.  Earlier today I was shifting stuff from one part of the floor to another and could briefly see some roving I'd drafted out to spin lo these many months ago and suddenly thought:

Omigosh, I forgot I have a spinning wheel and I know how to use it!

(the wheel being obstructed for the duration by a giant stack of freshly laundered cottage linens.)

I'm so far behind now on just keeping the stray recyclables under control I don't know that I could ever catch up.  Also I'm just really tired of studying.  The thought of figuring out enough food for several days without any errors or omissions because the nearest corner store is a 25 minute drive isn't compelling given my current level of brain flexibility, but I bet I could survive on popcorn and tea if I really had to, and I knew somebody was clearing off my sofa for me.


Speaking of which, you'll never guess what I found today when I did, under duress, tidy up the part of the sofa where I knit.

spider legs.

just the legs.

recognizable because they were really giant stripey legs.

NO idea where the rest of the spider went but my guess is: into the fabric of the shorts I wore yesterday.


End of Digression

In my dream vacation I would of course not be doing any laundry, since there is no washer at the cottage.  I would instead be making things like broccoli salad with chopped cabbage and raisins and seeds in a creamy dressing, like the one I treated myself to from one of the local posh food shops (STARS if you're wondering, Trish) on my way home from getting an old filling replaced yesterday.

Brief Dental Review
New dentist - awesome
Old dental assistant - awesome as always
Comfort rabbit - effective
Musical Distraction - also effective
Pain level - brief soreness when the freezing came out
Irresponsible Behaviour Factor - 2 candy bars consumed post-op

The dream vacation would also feature canoeing.  Nothing like being out on the middle of the aforementioned peaceful lake imagining oneself a great distance from a whirring vacuum.  Knitting would possibly be involved while canoeing; after all Elizabeth Zimmerman did it and while there is nobody quite like her and never will be, she at least proved the point and paved the way.

And finally: the dream vacation would feature no mice.  There are mice at the cottage, because the cottage is in the woods, woods which apparently now also feature black bears, which I guess I should also consciously exclude from the dream because hello, Bears.

There you have it.  It's true, a trip to England would be both dreamy and wonderful, but I'd still come back to a super messy house.  And at this moment?  I just think it would be amazing to be creative in a super pretty one.

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Kathleen Taylor said...

Disembodied Giant Spider Legs!!!! Aieeeeeeeeeeee