Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Plodding along

I had a great plan for telling you a pretty story today with lots of nice pictures, but Blogger is Not In The Mood apparently so I will just give you a midweek update on how things are going here a la Hugs.

First up: there is studying.  STILL.  I have about three weeks (or maybe two?) to go in my course but I am writing a big exam today on the first section of it so there will be some closure on a chunk of the information now lodged in my head. 

Second, except it's never really second is it, I am knitting a little every day.  Even though there technically isn't any time and my hands are sore from all the note-taking.  As a result I have painted myself into a corner with several socks either up to the heel or at that difficult point of, Will This Leg Be Long Enough? coupled with, Do I Have Supplementary Yarn? if the answer is No, and the only way to get to Yes is to find something that will eke out the supply of the primary yarn.

This is making the concept of Panic Knitting a bit hazardous.  I'm never quite sure when I'm going to be on to a heel and whether it's going to be a straightforward one I can do to calm me down before the next test (there are so many tests!)

So perhaps I should wrap this up and go looking for another sock to cast on asap?  Or more to the point, some free needles on which to do it?

Hope you're having a lovely Wednesday with no tests in it!  And perhaps Blogger will be more agreeable to pictures tomorrow.

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