Monday, June 11, 2012

No apologies for stocking stitch

The thing that puts a new post up on this blog every weekday morning is my personal need to write something every day.  It’s actually painful for me not to do it; on weekends I’m like, Ohhh! Weekend! until about Sunday afternoon and then it’s all itchy twitchy when will I write in my blog again and what will I be saying?

I could write other things, of course.  It’s just that I don’t.  So this is it, and the only downside in the face of all that YAY is:

gotta knit something interesting to look at

it’s a knitting blog, gotta have knitting pictures

gotta do some lace, or some cables, or something other than yet another hat

But really I don’t have to worry about that at all, do I. 

(do I?)

Because knitting is beautiful in all its forms. 

Even if all I’m knitting is super simple socks, you know I’m going to be knitting them in super amazing yarn from some amazing person with a gift for colour.  And there will be a bit of me in there too, choosing fibers that are nice to knit with, and if the weather and light are right I’ll be able to take some beautiful pictures even with my current camera which frankly I would really love to have time to research and replace but I don’t because that would be lost knitting opportunities.

So here, look at these nice sock cuffs. 

Yes, I’m knitting socks again. 

And they are plain stocking stitch.

No fancy pattern, no elaborate shaping, just socks I don’t have to think about. You know why? Because it’s that or not knit at all.


And if you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with getting the plain knitting done and making room for the fussier knitting to come later… assuming there is a later with time in it. 

(and if there isn’t? it’s totally better to have plain socks than no socks. said the girl with cold toes.)

(I’ll tell you more about the yarn and stuff another day, when there is more to show, ‘kay?)


Kathleen Taylor said...

Sometimes, letting the yarn do the talking is the absolute right choice!

UmmRania said...

I am non-preference knitter, its knitting I want to read about it, period. I love it all!